I’m terrible when it comes to selling myself, so I will keep it short.

I’ve always had a fascination for food. I’ll stick pretty much anything in my mouth at least once. Stuff that resonates with me gets investigated and documented and tested and now, is going to end up published here.

These recipes are to my taste, and undoubtedly I’m not going to tickle all of your individual tastebuds with my exact recipe. But I encourage you to take my efforts and to tweak and play and experiment until you get your perfect balance – and if I can help in that process , then I’m a happy man.

In the making of this blog I’ve forced a number of versions of each recipe upon variouspeople, so appologies for that (you know who you are). But also thank you for being part of my development process. I am happy with what I am submitted up to the internet, even if you aren’t. 🙂

What People Say About My Cooking

“It’s quite nice, but it’s not as good as your Mother’s.”

my Dad

“You’ve made a total mess in my nice kitchen.”

my Mum

“Why can’t you just cook something simple tonight?”

my Missus

“How many fucking chillies is in this?!?!?”


“I love your pizzas, but not with those anchovies.”

my kids

“Why don’t you start a blog with your recipes?”


Let’s cook together.